A downloadable Hypercard stack for macOS

In 2007, the Brentwood Neighborhood Software Archive team was formed. It was intended to be a community effort to preserve the neighborhood's electronic newsletters, flopty disks, and correspondence dating back to 1987. 

With the help of my son Colgrave who is a real computer "whiz," we have unearthed some "StuffIts" containing stacks from the Brentwood Hypertext User's Group. They're a real hoot! I hope you enjoy this one from January 1, 1989.

-- Bethany Q. Milk

P.S. If you were a contributor to an original BHUG stack, please leave a note in the comments area below. I'd love to hear your old stories about Brentwood!

Install instructions

Requires an "old-timey" Macintosh computer and HyperCard software.

Use StuffIt Expander to "expand" the archive file. Then, click the file to open it in HyperCard.

If you aren't sure what to do, let me know, and I'll ask Colgrave.


01_1989_BHUG.sit 114 kB


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i would appreciate a Windows version, please.